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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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 May 17:

Last night we had our Track and Field Awards night. We had most of our team there and got to recognize many great performances on the track and in the Class room.  This year e gave out 69 Academic awards in addition to our Track and Field Awards. Please notice our sponsor list at the bottom and use these businesses that support our Track and Field Program in addition to many other programs on our campus. Special thank you to Frank Crowe for providing us with the sports photos he took during our track season to show at the beginning. 


Gordon Central Track and Field Awards 2017


Participant Awards


Lettermen Awards


High Point Award

Girls – Megan Hudson - 168 points

Boys – Luke Beavers – 127 points


Outstanding Field Event

Girls – Megan Hudson

Boys – Lee Ullman


Outstanding Running Event

Girls – Claudia Cox, Cameron Luna, Lizbeth Alvarez

Boys – Morgan Swaim, Kelby Mezick, Bryce Bussert, Race Hudson


Outstanding Freshmen Field Event

Girl – Brooklyn Towe and MeKayla Ramos

Boy – Isaac Dye


Outstanding Freshmen Running Event

Girls – Brooklyn Towe, Lily Glass, Taylor Evans

Boys – Jasper Stepp


Coaches Award

Girl – Catera McBride, Kailyn Thomas, Hannah Hall

Boy – Fredy Berganza, Nelson Rodriguez, Logan Swaim, Luke Beavers, Jesse Walters


Track and Field Coaches

John Rainwater - Head Track and Field Coach

                   Shannon Rainwater – Distance   Heather Hunt - Sprints and Jumps

Rebecca Tatum - Ashworth Head Coach     Kagan Fleming – Jumps and Sprints

Carol Ferguson - Academic Coach                  Mike Mansi - Starter   Amy Hallman - Trainer                                

Mrs. Swaim, Mrs. Adcock, Mrs. Smith- Concession


Girl’s State Championship Qualifiers

Megan Hudson - Discus – 94'2" - 10th Place

Shot Put – 36'8.5" - 7th Place 

Kailyn Thomas – Shot Put – 30'8.5 - 14th Place

Claudia Cox - 100 Meter Hurdles – 18.18 - 13th Place

Pole Vault – 7'6

Cameron Luna – 400 Meter Dash - 1:04.63 - 15th Place

Boy’s State Championship Qualifiers

Morgan Swaim - 400 Meter Dash – 52.66 - 12th Place

800 Meter Run – 2:07.04 - 9th Place

Bryce Bussert – 1600 Meter Run – 4:57.42 - 13th Place

Luke Beavers - High Jump – 6'0" - 9th Place

 Race Hudson - 300 Meter Hurdles – 40.88 Prelims – 41.62 Finals 6th Place

Lee Ullman - Pole Vault - 11"0 – 9th Place

Logan Swaim - Pole Vault - 9'6" - 14th Place



Pete Valentino Golden Spike Award

Girl – Nathania Cortes

Boy – Nelson Rodriguez

The Golden Spike award is awarded to the student with the highest grade point average during Track Season.


Blue Award

Award for “A” average during 2017 Track Season

Nelson Rodriguez, Nathania Cortes, John Rainwater, Trent McDougal, Gabe Sission, MeKayla Ramos, , Jasper Stepp, Ryan McClain, Fredy Berganza, Cameron Luna, Olivia Fleming, Trey Wilson, Ruby Deras, Bryce Bussert, Megan Hudson, Lizbeth Alvarez, Kailyn Thomas, Claudia Cox, Gaby Cruz, Hannah, Hall, Lupita Rubio, Laura Sanchez, Jaqueline Alvarez, Luke Beavers, Yamilet Ramirez, Anna Walls, Taylor Evans, Abraham Reyes, Trent Dutton, Lee Ullman, Dylan Ramsey, Logan Swaim, JaBresha Evans, Morgan Swaim, Jesse Walters, Kevin Price, Blaize Goss, William Shields, Seth Hill, Lily Glass


Silver Award

Award for “B” average during 2017 Track Season

Draven Lemons, Jared Williams, Catera McBride, Kelby Mezick, Evelyn Lazano,  Morgan Frank, Ana Rodriguez, Emilie Moser, Tatyana Banks, Fernando Martinez, Cameron Pierce, Alex Abat, Dustin Goswick, Corey Dixon, Dalton Freeman, Will White, Emily Starkey, Abby Hoover, Jacob Freeman, Braden Harper, Jared Husdon, Avery Tatum, Cameron West, Andrew Arroyo, Brooklyn Towe, Corey Fields, Devan Gal, Isaac Dye, Nathan Seritt

Senior Recognition

Claudia Cox, Gaby Cruz, Blaize Goss, Megan Hudson, Race Hudson, Evelyn Lozano, Cameron Luna

Ryan McClain, Trent Mc Dougal, Kelby Mezick, Yamilet Ramirez, Lupita Rubio, Lee Ullman,

Jared Williams

Event Sponsors

Corporate Level

Mohawk Industries, Farmers Insurance, Gordon Hospital,       

Waffle House, Pine Hill Brick


Gold Medal

NW Georgia Orthopedics   , Calhoun Bowling Center, CVS, Club Y

Pintage Antiques, El Nopal Restaurant, Battlefield Building Supplies,

AGC Clinic, Dairy Queen, Fitness First and Grandstanz,   

Dr. Baker's Othodontist, Advance Rehab, LongHorn Steakhouse,

Nance Carpets, Digital Vapor Printing, Calhoun Tool Rental


Silver Level

TBS Signs, Pokey's Sporting Goods         , Artistic Engraving, Scott's Pharmacy,                 Game Portal, Prater Ford, Classic Kitchen Restaurant, Sabrina Poole Realty, Brighter Tomorrows Day Care, Calhoun Community Bank, The Car Guys, Calhoun Family Dentistry, 2 Work Staffing    


Bronze Level

Riverview Baptist Church, Calhoun Times, Calhoun Drug Company, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Northside Bank, Brian's Auto Sales, Bethesda Baptist Church    


May 15:

Track Warriors Qualified 10 of our Warriors to go to the State Championship in Albany.  The state championship was on May 11,12,and 13. All of these Warriors competed well and these are the results: 


Megan Hudson - Shot Put 7th Place  and Discus 10th Place

Luke Beavers - High Jump - 9th Place

Claudia Cox - Pole Vault and 100 Hurdles - 13th Place

Lee Ullman - Pole Vault - 9th Place 

Logan Swaim - Pole Vault - 14th Place

KK Thomas - Shot Put - 14th Place

Bryce Bussert - 1600 Meters - 13th Place

Cameron Luna - 400 Meters - 15th Place

Morgan Swaim - 400 Meters 12th Place and 800 Meters 9th Place

Race Hudson - 300 Hurdles - 6th Place


April 27: 

The boys soccer team and I were beyond excited to win our first playoff game. This team is mentally and physically tough and it showed last night. We traveled several hours to Lamar County high school to play at 5:30 on their artificial turf field. We were certainly out of our element not having played on turf this season and in the middle of the afternoon heat. 


Despite the conditions the boys showed their mental toughness and physical prowess in a close game. Scoring last night early was Kevin Valencia on a through pass from Wilson Falla. We stayed at 1-0 until halftime. After the half we went up 2-0 on a score by Valentin Avalos. Lamar scored twice with the second goal coming inside 20 minutes left in the match. With time winding down, Kevin Valencia took the ball downfield and was fouled by Lamar which set up a PK by Kenneth Cua to give us the lead at 3-2 with 13 minutes left.


It was a fun night for Warrior Soccer and a very intense final 13 minutes as we pulled the defense back and held off their attack. We will play again Wednesday May 3rd @ Dublin High School. We are in the sweet 16 of the playoffs. Please congratulate the boys on their win and wish them luck as we travel next week and look to secure another playoff win. 

April 20th: 

The Track team completed the Region Championship and the girls team finished 2nd as Region Runner-up. The boys team finished 3rd. Megan Hudson, Bryce Bussert and Cludia Cox all finished in 1st place in one event and are Region Champions. We had many personal best and we have the following students that have qualified to go on to the Section championship on April 29th here at Gordon Central.  

Megan Hudson - Shot Put and Discus

Catera McBride - Discus

Cameron Pierce - Discus

Luke Beavers - High Jump, 110 High Hurdles, 300 Hurdles

Claudia Cox - Pole Vault and 100 Hurdles

Lee Ullman - Pole Vault

Logan Swaim - Pole Vault

KK Thomas - Shot Put

Bryce Bussert - 1600 Meters

Cameron Luna - 400 Meters

Morgan Swaim - 400 Meters and 800 Meters

Kelby Mezick - 100 Meters and 200 Meters

Lizbeth Alvarez - 800 Meters

Race Hudson - 300 Hurdles

Girls 4x100 - Luna, Hall, Towe, and Walls

Girls 4x400 - Luna, Hall, Deras, Alvarez

Boys 4x400 Morgan Swaim, Mezick, Hudson, Price


Final Team schores are listed below. 


                   Women - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored
    1) RCKM                       140.50     2) GDNC                      109   
    3) PEPP                       107        4) MODL                       88   
    5) COOS                        75.50     6) CHAG                       48   
    7) AMUC                        29        8) DADE                       19   
                    Men - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored
    1) RCKM                       150.33     2) PEPP                      122   
    3) GDNC                       107.33     4) CHAG                       98   
    5) MODL                        54.33     6) COOS                       46   
    7) AMUC                        37        8) DADE                        6   


April 18th:

Today our girls played in Heritage High Inv. At Nob North. Our girls gained a lot of experience that should help prepare them for our Area tournament. Scoring for the team was Abbigail Hayes 112, Ciera Lawson 114, Celeste Huffman 118. 


Gordon Central boys hosted North West Whitfield and Chattooga at Fields Ferry today.  NW finished 167 Gordon Central finished 176. 

Branton Lawson led Gordon Central with 43.  Issac  McEntyre and Joshua Hardin both carded 44s. Jordan Hardin and Zeb Reddix rounded out the scoring with 45 each. 

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